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SQL Development
Configuring JVM : Specifying JVM parameters in a properties file

Specifying JVM parameters in a properties file

The <db-name> file should be modified to specify the JVM parameters. The following example shows how to modify the properties file to specify the JVM parameters:
Example: Modifying the OE SQL properties file to specify JVM parameters
sql-jvm-params="-Xms=10m -Xmx=100m"
SQL server configuration properties are located in the sql-server-configuration section in the OpenEdge SQL properties file. Property names and values are separated by an equal sign. For example, Sql-jvm-params=”-Xms=10m -Xmx=100m”. JVM parameters should be seperated using spaces. The following table describes SQLserver configuration properties:
Table 17. SQL server configuration parameter and value
Type and length
Character [31999]