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SQL Development
OpenEdge SQL Data Definition Language : Using Data Definition Language statements : Working with indexes : Enabling large database index keys
Enabling large database index keys
As of OpenEdge Release 10.1B, large index keys are supported for databases with 4,096 and 8,192 byte block sizes. The large index keys may be as big as 2,000 bytes. In releases 10.1B and later, this feature is enabled by default. In Releases 10.1A and earlier, you can enable this feature by using the following online statement:
You must have SQL DBA privileges to enable large keys. If large keys are already enabled, an error message indicating such will be returned when you use the enabling statement. The database blocksize must be 4,000 or 8,000 bytes for large keys to be enabled.
For more information on the use of indexes, see OpenEdge SQL Data Manipulation Language