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SQL Development
OpenEdge SQL Data Definition Language : Using Data Definition Language statements

Using Data Definition Language statements

DDL statements are used to add, modify, or remove database objects. The DDL is integral to creating and maintaining a database. For detailed information on database creation and administration, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.
Note: When creating a table, view, index, or group in the SQL engine, choose table, view, index, group, and column names that are not SQL keywords. This is enforced by the SQL engine. However, if you are creating objects in the PUB schema using the SQL engine, you also must avoid using reserved keywords, such as DISPLAY. This is not enforced by the SQL engine. For a complete list of keywords, see OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Reference.
You can use DDL statements to manage encryption of database objects. For details, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Core Business Services - Security and Auditing.
* Working with tables
* Working with indexes
* Working with views
* Working with sequences
* Working with domains
* Working with tenants
* Working with groups
* Working with partitions