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SQL Development
OpenEdge SQL Data Definition Language : Using Data Definition Language statements : Working with tenants : CREATE SUPER-TENANT
Defines a super-tenant for a multi-tenant database. A super-tenant is a user who can access and maintain data for any tenant defined in the multi-tenant database. There can be multiple super-tenant users created within a single database.
The multi-tenant database resources are not allocated automatically when you create a super-tenant. Privileges of a regular tenant, such as creating, selecting, inserting, updating, or deleting database objects are also applicable to the super-tenant.
The syntax for creating a super-tenant is given below:
CREATE SUPER_TENANT super_tenant_name[ PRO_DESCRIPTION value ];
Example: Creating a super tenant
The following example illustrates how to create a tenant and a domain for the tenant.
For more on the CREATE SUPER_TENANT statement, see OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Reference.