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SQL Development
OpenEdge SQL Data Definition Language : Using Data Definition Language statements : Working with domains : CREATE DOMAIN
Defines a security domain to authenticate users for an existing tenant or a super-tenant. The domain name must be unique within the set of domain names that are defined for a database. A tenant can be associated with multiple domains.To create a domain, you must have Database Administrator (DBA) privileges.
CREATE DOMAIN domain_name   
   FOR { TENANT tenant_name| SUPER_TENANT super-tenant_name}
       [ PRO_DESCRIPTION value];
The following example illustrates how to create a tenant and a domain for the tenant.
To define a tenant called Mega_Media_Networks:

CREATE TENANT Mega_Media_Networks TABLE AREA "MMM Data area"
INDEX AREA "MM index area"
LOB AREA "MMM pix area" ;
To define a domain for the tenant Mega_Media_Networks:

CREATE DOMAIN dom_MMNet FOR TENANT Mega_Media_Networks;
To specify users who can securely connect to the domain dom_MMNet, you must create users and associate them with the domain dom_MMNet.
For more on the CREATE DOMAIN statement, see OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Reference.