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SQL Development
OpenEdge SQL Data Definition Language : Using Data Definition Language statements : Working with tenants : ALTER TENANT
The ALTER TENANT statement:
*Modifies the definition of a tenant
*Allows you to change the NO SPACE parameter specified for one or more existing multi-tenant tables
*Adds an existing tenant to an existing multi-tenant group that is defined for a multi-tenant table
When a tenant joins a group, all the tenant's data for that table can be found in that group.
ALTER TENANT tenant_name
FOR TABLE [owner_name]table_name_1
[{[ USING TABLE AREA table_area_name]    
        [ USING INDEX AREA index_area_name]     
        [ USING LOB AREA lob_are_name]| JOIN GROUP group_name }]...;
The following example modifies the table partition of the tenant to the allocated space and adds the tenant to a group:

ALTER TENANT Mega_Media_Networks
    FOR TABLE pub.new_customers USING TABLE AREA "MMN Data area"
                                USING INDEX AREA "MMN_Index_Area"
    FOR TABLE pub.farm_location

    FOR TABLE pub.archive_10yr JOIN GROUP Joint_Archives;
For more on the ALTER TENANT statement, see OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Reference.