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DataServer for Oracle
Initial Programming Considerations : Data types : Oracle NUMBER data type

Oracle NUMBER data type

OpenEdge supports the Oracle NUMBER data type through the use of the INT64 data type in OpenEdge. This enables a 64-bit value defined in Oracle to be successfully pulled into a schema holder as a native NUMBER for Oracle DataServers. On a schema migration or a schema pull, fields defined as INT64 are converted to the NUMBER for Oracle databases.
Oracle and OpenEdge data types Table identifies support for not only the NUMBER data type (with no precision), but also the scale and precision of the NUMBER column. OpenEdge handles the OpenEdge INTEGER and INT64 data types more efficiently than it does a DECIMAL data type. You can use the Data Dictionary to change the NUMBER data type to any supported compatible the data type from DECIMAL to INTEGER or INT64 in the schema image. See Modifying a schema image for instructions.