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DataServer for Oracle
Initial Programming Considerations : Database design issues : Database triggers

Database triggers

Database triggers are code that an application associates with a database object and an action. For example, writing a record can cause code associated with that object or action to execute. The DataServer allows your applications to access both OpenEdge and Oracle triggers. In an application that combines both OpenEdge and Oracle triggers, ABL trigger (CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE) executes first. As each OpenEdge trigger executes successfully, the DataServer passes the request to Oracle, and the Oracle trigger (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) executes. In the case of an Oracle BEFORE trigger, the Oracle trigger executes after the DataServer passes the request but before the insert, update, or delete occurs. When you use the OpenEdge DB-to-Oracle utility to convert an OpenEdge database to Oracle, the utility does not convert ABL triggers into Oracle triggers. The triggers remain in ABL, and are part of the schema holder.