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DataServer for Oracle
Initial Programming Considerations : Cursors : Allocating cursors

Allocating cursors

Oracle allocates a maximum number of cursors that your application can use based on system configuration, the version of Oracle, and the database-configuration parameters. An application can run out of available cursors. If this occurs, you can specify that Oracle should allow more cursors, or you can control how many cursors the DataServer uses with the Index Cursor (-c) connection parameter. See Index cursors for more information.
Issuing the CLOSE QUERY statement after opening a query is another technique that helps you minimize the number of cursors your application requires.
Issuing a close inactive cursor statement, RUN STORED-PROC ds-close-cursor, helps you close the inactive cursors that are either no longer (or minimally) required for future application use. For more information on closing inactive cursors, see RUN STORED-PROC statement with special internal option and Closing inactive cursors.