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DataServer for Oracle
The DataServer Tutorial : OpenEdge DB-to-Oracle Incremental Schema Migration utility : Adjusting field widths during migration

Adjusting field widths during migration

Especially when migrating a Unicode UTF-8 OpenEdge database with Unicode data, Progress Software recommends that you select Width in the For fields widths use options during OpenEdge database migration or Incremental Schema Migration. Prior to migration, the DBTOOL database utility can be used to size your server columns based on the actual size of your CHARACTER, RAW and DECIMAL data rather than using the default format value in the schema to size your server columns.
The width value for each field is based on the maximum number of characters (not bytes) found in the database records of that column. For character data type, the size is calculated based on the code page defined in the database schema. You can also use the Adjust Field Width utility from the Options pulldown menu of the Data Dictionary to manually set a specific character width on an individual column prior to migration. For more information on sizing character data using column width, see Column width.
While using the Oracle DataServer Migration utility or the Delta df to Oracle Conversion utility, if you select the Char semantics toggle box and use the recommended value for Maximum char length, you can ensure that the existing data in fields of your OpenEdge database are sized appropriately for Unicode character expansion in the Oracle database.