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DataServer for Oracle
Initial Programming Considerations : Data types : Working with Datetime data types : ABL datetime data types
ABL datetime data types
The datetime data types introduce a data type into the OpenEdge language that includes a time component. The DATETIME-TZ data type extends the DATETIME data type with a time zone component. For the DataServer, the ABL datetime data types enable you to manage date and time data from your OpenEdge application and from the foreign data source as one element instead of two separate entities. The timezone offset provides you with additional ability to manage data that spans time zones.
The following table provides definitions of the ABL datetime data types:
Table 10. ABL datetime data types
Data Type
The DATETIME data type consists of two parts, one an ABL date and one an ABL time. The unit of time is milliseconds from midnight. DATETIME is equivalent to Oracle TIMESTAMP.
The ABL DATETIME-TZ is a variation of the DATETIME data type that includes a time zone offset. Its Oracle equivalent is TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE.