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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Backing Up a Database : Using PROBKUP


Using the OpenEdge Backup utility (PROBKUP) you can perform an online full backup, an online incremental backup, an offline full backup, or an offline incremental backup. Which you use is determined by your backup plan. You can also enable after-imaging and AI File Management as part of a full online backup. The syntax below details the parameters to use with PROBKUP:
probkup [ online ]db-name[ incremental ]device-name
          [ enableai ][ enableaiarchiver -aiarcdir dirlist
            [-aiarcinterval n][-aiarcdircreate]]
          [ bibackup { active | all } ]
          [   -estimate | -vs n | -bf n | -verbose | -scan
             | -io i | -com | -red i| -norecover
For more information on PROBKUP, see PROBKUP utility. For information on using PROBKUP to enable after-imaging and AI File Management, see After-imaging.
* Performing an online full backup with PROBKUP
* Testing backups
* Archiving backups