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Database Administration
Database Basics : Starting Up and Shutting Down : Stopping a server or broker

Stopping a server or broker

Before you turn off your computer or back up the database, you must shut down the server or broker process. Before you shut down the server, all application users must quit their sessions. If necessary, you can disconnect all users with the PROSHUT command's Disconnect a User or Unconditional Shutdown qualifiers. For more information, see PROSHUT command.
You can shut down a database using:
*OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer
*DBMAN utility
*PROSHUT command
*PROMON utility
To shut down the database, you must either be the user who started the database or have root privileges.
Note: Do not use operating system commands to shut down the database.
* PROSHUT command
* PROMON shut down database option