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Database Administration
Database Basics : Starting Up and Shutting Down : Stopping a server or broker : PROMON shut down database option
PROMON shut down database option
You can use the PROMON utility to stop the database or disconnect any subset of users.
To shut down a database using PROMON:
1. Enter the following PROMON command: promon db-name
When you start the monitor, the Database Monitor main menu appears:
    OpenEdge MONITOR Release 11
Database: /usr/WRK_DBS/docsample
1. User Control
2. Locking and Waiting Statistics
3. Block Access
4. Record Locking Table
5. Activity
6. Shared Resources
7. Database Status
8. Shut Down Database
    9.  Currently Connected Tenants
R&D. Advanced options
T. 2PC Transactions Control
L. Resolve 2PC Limbo Transactions
C. 2PC Coordinator Information
J. Resolve JTA Transactions
M. Modify Defaults
Q. Quit
  Enter your selection:
2. Choose option 8, Shut Down Database.
The shows an example of this option's output:
Enter your selection: 8
Usr PID      Time of login Userid tty             Limbo?
1 6358     Dec 14 15:10:52 sue /dev/ttyp0      no
4 7007     Dec 14 15:25:09 mary /dev/ttyp5      no
                1 Disconnect a User
                2 Unconditional Shutdown
                3 Emergency Shutdown (Kill All)
                4 Exit
Enter choice>
3. Choose an option.
If you choose 1 (Disconnect a User), the system prompts you for a user number. Choose 2 (Unconditional Shutdown) to stop all users and shut down the database. If you have multiple remote-user servers, this stops all the servers.