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Database Administration
Database Basics : Starting Up and Shutting Down : Starting and stopping background writers : Starting and stopping an APW
Starting and stopping an APW
A database can have between one and nine APWs running simultaneously. The optimal number is highly dependent on your application and environment. Start with two APWs and monitor their performance with PROMON. If there are buffers being flushed at checkpoints, add an additional APW and recheck. Applications that perform fewer changes to a database require fewer APWs. For more information on APWs and how to use PROMON to monitor them, see Using APWs to improve performance .
Note: If you perform no updates, no page writers are required.
To start an APW process, use OpenEdge Explorer, OpenEdge Management, or enter the following command on the local machine:
proapw db-name
Each APW counts as a process connected to a database and uses resources associated with a user. You might have to increase the value of the Number of Users (-n) parameter to allow for APWs. However, APWs are not counted as licensed users.
Stop an APW by disconnecting the process with the PROSHUT command.
For detailed information on the PROAPW and PROSHUT commands, see Startup and Shutdown Commands.