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Database Administration
Database Basics : Starting Up and Shutting Down : Starting and stopping background writers : Starting and stopping an AIW
Starting and stopping an AIW
You can run only one AIW process per database at a time. You can start and stop an AIW at any time without shutting down the database.
To start the AIW process, use OpenEdge Explorer, OpenEdge Management, or enter the following command:
proaiw db-name
You must have after-imaging enabled to use an AIW. For more information on after-imaging, see After-imaging.
The AIW counts as a process connected to a database and uses resources associated with a user. You might have to increase the value of the Number of Users (-n) parameter to allow for the AIW. However, the AIW is not counted as a licensed user.
To stop the AIW process, disconnect it with the PROSHUT command.