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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Multi-tenant database : Tenant Data Recovery : Step 4: Tenant data recovery clean up : Remove access restriction from your source database
Remove access restriction from your source database
Before executing DATAMOVE, you restricted access to the source database (temporary restored backup). Access continues to be restricted until you disable the restriction.
To remove the access restrictions from your source database:
1. If you started a server for source database, shut down the server.
2. Once the server is shut down, query the status of the datamove restriction with PROUTIL DBRESTRICT.
For example, if the source database is named temporary_db, enter the following:
proutil temporary_db -C dbrestrict datamove status
If the database is restricted, the following is displayed:
Restricted Access Mode is enabled for DataMove. (17073)
3. Remove the restriction with PROUTIL DBRESTRICT.
Entering the following command:
proutil temporary_db -C dbrestrict datamove disable
The results of removing the restriction is as follows:
Database Restricted Access mode has been disabled for DataMove (17039)