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Database Administration
Reference : PROUTIL Utility : PROUTIL ENABLEB2 qualifier


Designates an area for alternate buffer pool processing.


proutil db-name -C enableB2 area-name


Name of the database where you are specifying an area for the alternate buffer pool.
Name of the area (Type I or Type II) you are designating for the alternate buffer pool.
The Alternate buffer pool is a pool of buffers maintained independently from the primary buffer pool. Before the pool is filled, the buffers are maintained in a first-in-first-out (FIFO) queue. Once the alternate buffer pool is filled, an LRU chain replacement maintains the buffers, however the alternate buffer pool LRU chain is separate from the primary buffer pool LRU chain. Designating "hot" tables or areas to the alternate buffer pool, may increase buffer hit ratios.
Designating an area to participate in the alternate buffer pool requires that an alternate buffer pool is created with the -B2 startup parameter. If there is no alternate buffer pool, the area consumes buffers from the primary buffer pool.


*ENABLEB2 must be run offline.
*ENABLEB2 and alternate buffer pool support, are only supported with an Enterprise database license.
*To remove an area from the alternate buffer pool, see PROUTIL DISABLEB2 qualifier.
*To view the status of areas, see PROUTIL VIEWB2 qualifier.
*For Type II areas, you can refine your alternate buffer pool designation to the object (table, index, LOB) level through the Data Dictionary and Data Administration. Object-level designations for the alternate buffer pool can be made online.