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Database Administration
Reference : PROUTIL Utility : PROUTIL DISABLEAUDITING qualifier


Disables auditing for a database.


proutil db-name -C disableauditing [-userid username[-password passwd] ]


Name of the database to have auditing disabled.
-userid username
Identifies a user with the Audit Administrator privilege required to run this utility.
-password passwd
Password for the privileged user.
Ensuring the security of your audit data requires that the audit data tables be empty when you disable auditing. If a database has data in the audit data tables, _aud-audit-data and _aud-audit-data-value, when the command is issued, the database is deactivated rather than disabled.
The following message is displayed when auditing is deactivated:
Auditing was not fully disabled because auditing data tables are not empty.

Auditing has been deactivated, no additional auditing records will be
recorded. (13649)
When the audit data tables are empty, and auditing is successfully disabled, the following message is displayed:
Auditing has been disabled for database db-name. (12490)
For more information on auditing states, see Auditing states.


*Only users with the Audit Administrator privilege are allowed to run this utility.
*The database must be offline when disabling auditing.
*Disabling auditing does not remove any recorded audit data or the auditing tables.
*Access to the audit data remains restricted to authorized users when auditing is disabled.