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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : After-imaging : Managing after-imaging files : Archiving an AI file : Protecting the backup
Protecting the backup
After you back up the AI file, make sure you:
*Label the backup. Properly labeling backups helps you ensure database integrity. Include the following on the label:
*Date and time of the backup
*Name of the database
*Name and type of the file
*Volume number and total number of volumes of the media, even if there is only one volume
*Initials of the person who made the backup
*Utility to use to restore the backup
*Keep all backups for at least two weeks.
In the event that you have to roll the database forward, you can reapply each of the backups to recover the lost data. If you do not keep a backup of the AI files and you lose the database and AI files, the most recent backup might be as much as a week old. However, if you have been doing daily backups of the AI files, you can use the most recent copy of that file to reconstruct a more recent version of the database.
*Keep backups in an area other than where the computer is located, preferably in another building.
In the event of building damage, you are less likely to lose both the online and backup versions of the files.