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Database Administration
Reference : PROSTRCT Utility : PROSTRCT ADD qualifier

PROSTRCT ADD qualifier

Appends the files from a new structure description (.st) file to a database.


prostrct add db-name [ structure-description-file ][ -validate ]


Specifies the database you are using.
Specifies the new .st file. Do not use
Parses the contents of the .st file for syntax errors. When -validate is specified, the database is not created. Each line of the structure file is read and evaluated. If errors are detected, the type of error is reported along with the line number. For a discussion of the syntax and rule checking -validate provides, see Validating structure description files.
Use PROSTRCT ADD to add new storage areas and extents to new or existing storage areas.


*You can use PROSTRCT ADD to add areas and extents only when the database is offline. Use PROSTRCT ADDONLINE to add areas and extents to an online database. For details, see PROSTRCT ADDONLINE qualifier.
*The new structure description file cannot identify existing extent files. It can only contain the definitions for new extent files. See Creating and Deleting Databases for a complete description of structure description files and storage areas.
*Run PROSTRCT LIST after updating the database with PROSTRCT ADD. PROSTRCT LIST verifies that the .st contains the updated information.