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Database Administration
Reference : PROSTRCT Utility : PROSTRCT ADDONLINE qualifier


Appends the files from a new structure description (.st) file to an online database.


prostrct addonline db-name [ structure-description-file ][ -validate ]


Specifies the database you are using.
Specifies the new .st file. Do not use
Parses the contents of the .st file for syntax errors. When -validate is specified, the database is not created. Each line of the structure file is read and evaluated. If errors are detected, the type of error is reported along with the line number. For a discussion of the syntax and rule checking -validate provides, see Validating structure description files.
Use PROSTRCT ADDONLINE to add new storage areas and extents to new or existing storage areas to an online database.


*PROSTRCT ADDONLINE has the following restrictions:
*You may not have more than one instance of PROSTRCT ADDONLINE executing at a single time.
*If currently connected users will not have sufficient privileges to access the new extents, you may proceed with the online add, but an under-privileged user will be disconnected from the database the first time it tries to open one of the new extents. This open may occur at an unpredictable time, such as when the user needs to find space in the buffer pool. PROSTRCT ADDONLINE verifies the status of current users before adding new extents, and prompts you to confirm that you wish to proceed.
*If your database has after-imaging enabled, you must update your target database to match the source database. Failure to update the target database will cause RFUTIL ROLL FORWARD to fail when applying after-image extents. PROSTRCT ADDONLINE issues a warning, and prompts you to continue as follows:
Adding a new area online with ai enabled will cause the roll forward utility to fail unless the corresponding areas are also added to the target database. (13705)
Do you want to continue (y/n)? (13706)y
*If ADDONLINE fails, the newly created files will be deleted.
*For a discussion and examples of PROSTRCT ADDONLINE, see Using the OpenEdge Structure Add utility.