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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Auditing : Reconfiguring audit areas : Move existing audit data and indexes to new areas
Move existing audit data and indexes to new areas
Suppose that when you first enabled your database for auditing, you created two area for the data and indexes. Now you find they are not properly sized and you want to move the audit data and indexes into areas with different attributes. Use the following steps as a guide:
To split one audit area:
1. Create a structure file to define two new areas to hold the audit data and indexes. Change the records per block and blocks per cluster values as needed. See Maintaining Database Structure for information on evaluating database structure and using PROSTRCT to modify the physical structure of your database.
2. Add the new areas to your database with PROSTRCT ADD.
3. Archive any existing audit data with PROUTIL AUDITARCHIVE.
The syntax is:
proutil db-name -C auditarchive
If you archive the data with no parameters, the data in your audit tables is deleted after it is archived. See PROUTIL AUDITARCHIVE qualifier for the complete syntax.
4. Reconfigure your auditing areas with PROUTIL AUDITRECONFIG.
The syntax is:
proutil db-name -C auditreconfig tablearea new-table-area-name
             indexarea new-index-area-name
See PROUTIL AUDITRECONFIG qualifier for the complete syntax.
5. PROUTIL AUDITRECONFIG prompts you to confirm your data is archived.
The prompt appears as shown:
The operation will delete all auditing data records.
You must archive auditing data first.
Have you archived the data already and do you want to continue? (Y/N) (16987)
6. Enter Y to proceed with the reconfiguration.
Successful completion of the reconfiguration produces the following messages:
Auditreconfig started. (16973)
Reconfiguring tables and indexes ... (16944)
Auditreconfig completed. (16975)
7. Remove the old audit data and index areas with PROSTRCT REMOVE.