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Database Administration
Reference : Database Startup Parameters : Alphabetical listing of database startup parameters : Lock Governor (-LGovernor)
Lock Governor (-LGovernor)
Operating system and syntax
UNIX Windows
-LGovernor n
Use with
Maximum value
Minimum value
Single-user default
Multi-user default
The percent of the lock table one tenant can occupy.
Lock Governor (-LGovernor) specifies the percentage of the lock table that a tenant can occupy. Lock governor prevents a tenant from acquiring all the locks in a table. Lock governor applies to the default tenant and regular tenant. This governor does not apply to super-tenants and non multi-tenant databases.
When a tenant attempts to acquire more locks than the governor allows, an error message is displayed and recorded in the database log as:
Attempt to exceed tenant lock governor for tenant <tenantID>. Increase -L or -LGovernor.
You can set or modify the -LGovernor value using the PROMON utility. For more information about the PROMON utility, see PROMON Utility. To set the -L value, see Lock Table Entries (-L).