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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Dumping and Loading : Loading database contents : Loading sequence values using a Data tool
Loading sequence values using a Data tool
The Data Administration tool and the Data Dictionary use a contents file that you specify to load sequence values into the database. Usually, this file is called _seqvals.d.
To load sequence values:
1. Access the appropriate Data tool (the Data Administration tool if you are using a graphical interface or the Data Dictionary if you are using a character interface).
2. Make sure that the working database is the target database where you want to load the table contents.
3. Choose Admin > Load Data and Definitions > Sequence Current Values. The Data tool prompts you for the filename where you want to write the sequence values. The default filename is _seqvals.d.
4. Specify the filename or use the default value. After the sequence values are loaded, the Data tool displays a status message and prompts you to continue.
5. Choose OK to return to the Data Administration or Data Dictionary main window.