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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Dumping and Loading : Loading database contents

Loading database contents

These sections describe how to load the following types of contents:
*Table contents
*User table contents
*SQL file view contents
*Sequence values
Note: For a complete description of dumping and loading SQL contents, see SQL Utilities.
The OpenEdge RDBMS provides three methods of loading table contents. You load data dumped in binary format with the PROUTIL LOAD command. Data in text format is loaded with a Data tool's user interface or the PROUTIL BULKLOAD command. You can perform a binary load only on database contents that were created with a binary dump.
* Loading table contents in binary format with PROUTIL
* Loading table contents with a Data tool
* Loading user table contents with a Data tool
* Loading an SQL view file contents
* Loading sequence values using a Data tool