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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Transparent Data Encryption : Creating encryption policies : Creating encryption policies with Data Admin
Creating encryption policies with Data Admin
You can create encryption policies for objects in your encryption-enabled database using the Edit Encryption Policy dialog of Data Administration. Objects must reside in a Type II area to be assigned a specific encryption policy. (You can encrypt an entire Type I area with PROUTIL EPOLICY. See Creating encryption policies with PROUTIL EPOLICY for details.)
From Data Administration or the character Data Dictionary, choose Admin > Security > Encryption Policies > Edit Encryption Policy to define an encryption policy for a database object. Follow the dialog boxes to select the objects to be encrypted and the desired cipher. For details on the Edit Encryption Policy dialog boxes see the online Help or OpenEdge Development: Basic Development Tools.
Your changes are not committed to the database until you click Commit. If you do not want to save your changes, clicking Revert, cancels the highlighted change. If you do choose to commit your changes, you are asked to confirm. Remember, defining encryption policies does not encrypt data, it signals that all future writes of the data are encrypted.