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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Transparent Data Encryption : Creating encryption policies : Creating encryption policies with PROUTIL EPOLICY
Creating encryption policies with PROUTIL EPOLICY
PROUTIL EPOLICY MANAGE creates encryption policies for Type I areas and for objects in Type II areas. The basic syntax for creating an encryption policy is:
proutil db-name -C epolicy manage object-type encrypt object-name
The object-type is one of the following: area, index, lob, or table, and the object-name is the name of the object, in quotes if necessary.
For example, the following command creates an encryption policy with the default cipher on a Type I area named DataArea100 in a database named t1demo:
proenv>proutil t1demo -C epolicy manage area encrypt "DataArea100"
OpenEdge Release 10.2B1P as of Fri Nov 20 19:01:52 EST 2009
Encryption policy setting for Area DataArea100 in Area 100
Cipher specification setting to AES_CBC_128 completed.
Note that EPOLICY MANAGE operations on areas must be performed while the database is offline. See the PROUTIL EPOLICY MANAGE qualifier on page 1216 for the complete syntax of EPOLICY MANAGE.