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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Table-partitioned database : Managing partitions : Copying partition data : Step 3: Moving data with PROUTIL PARTITIONMANAGE COPY : Copy multiple partitions with the PARTITIONMANAGE COPY user interface
Copy multiple partitions with the PARTITIONMANAGE COPY user interface
You can invoke the PARTITIONMANAGE COPY user interface to make multiple selections of partitions to copy. Invoke the command line using the following syntax:
proutil target-database -C partitionmanage copy source source-database
[ recs n]
For example, if your target database is named production_db, and your source database is named, temporary_db, start the user interface with the following command:
proutil production_db -C partitionmanage copy source temporary_db
[ recs n]
The user interface menu appears as shown:

Progress OpenEdge Partition Copy Utility

Source Database : temporary_db
Destination Database: production_db

1. Copy Table instance by Partition
2. Quit

Enter your selection:
From this menu, select option 1 to proceed or 2 to quit. The steps to proceed are as follows:
1. From the main menu, choose 1.
The following screen appears:
Choose Table Partitions for Partition Copy
Option| Table Name | Table Owner | Partition Name : ID |Number
1|customer |PUB |cust_id_llr_1:1 | 1
2|customer |PUB |cust_id_llr_2:2 | 1
3|customer |PUB |cust_id_llr_3:3 | 1
4|customer |PUB |cust_id_llr_4:4 | 1
5|customer |PUB |cust_id_llr_5:5 | 1
6|customer |PUB |cust_id_llr_6:6 | 1
7|customer |PUB |cust_id_llr_7:7 | 1
8|customer |PUB |cust_id_llr_8:8 | 1
9|customer |PUB |cust_id_llr_9:9 | 1
10|customer |PUB |cust_id_llr_10:10 | 1
11|customer |PUB |cust_id_llr_11:11 | 1
12|customer |PUB |cust_id_llr_12:12 | 1
13|customer |PUB |cust_id_llr_13:13 | 1

Page 1 of 31
Input Your Choice
(c/C) - Change Display
(a/A) - All (n/N) - Next Page (q/Q) - Quit (g/G) - Go

This screen, and the following pages, display all table partitions, including composite partitions, in the database in alphabetical order.
2. Choose partitions by entering the number at the beginning of the row and pressing return. An asterisk will appear next to your selection.
3. Continue selecting partitions by number until you have selected all the partitions you want to copy.
Note: To undo a selection, enter the number a second time.
4. Once all the partitions to copy are selected, enter g or G to go.
Once you enter g, all the partitions that were selected are copied sequentially. Pressing ctrl-C cancels the process.