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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Table-partitioned database : Managing partitions : Copying partition data
Copying partition data
The ability to copy partition data enables database administrators to recover accidentally deleted data from a partition without taking the entire database offline.
Once the need to restore data is discovered, the high-level restoration process is as follows:
1. Locally restore your most recent backup of your production database to a temporary location.
2. Roll forward the after-image files of your production database to your temporary database if your production database is enabled for after-imaging.
3. Move data from the temporary database to your production database.
4. Clean up.
The details of each step are discussed in the sections that follow.
Note: For a complete syntax description, see PROUTIL PARTITIONMANAGE COPY qualifier.
* Restrictions on copying a partition
* Step 1: Restoring your database backup
* Step 1A: restricting access to your temporary database
* Step 2: Rolling forward after-image files
* Step 4: Partition copy clean up