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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Auditing : Reconfiguring audit areas : Combine audit data and index areas into one area
Combine audit data and index areas into one area
Suppose that when you first enabled your database for auditing, you created separate areas for the data and indexes. Now you want to move the audit indexes into the same area as the data. Use the following steps as a guide:
To combine audit areas:
1. Suppose your existing audit data area is called "Audit Data" and your index area is called "Audit Indexes". Reconfigure your index area into the existing data areas.
Use the following syntax:
proutil db-name -C auditreconfig indexarea "Audit Data"
Note: See PROUTIL AUDITRECONFIG qualifier for the complete syntax.
Successful completion of the reconfiguration produces the following messages:
Auditreconfig started. (16973)
Reconfiguring indexes ... (16978)
Auditreconfig completed. (16975)
2. Remove the old audit index area with PROSTRCT REMOVE.