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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Managing Performance : Network Communication : Prefetch tuning : Calculating prefetch buffer utilization
Calculating prefetch buffer utilization
You can alter network message utilization for a prefetch query with the startup parameters -prefetchNumRecs and -prefetchFactor. NumRecs takes an integer value that represents the number of records to put in the network message. Factor takes an integer value that represents a "percent full" calculation for the network message. The network message is sent when the minimum of either parameter is reached. The interaction of the two parameters is governed as follows:
*When NumRecs is set extremely high, it guarantees that the Factor percentage is the minimum.
*When Factor is set to zero (0), it guarantees that the number of records specified by NumRecs is the minimum.
*By default, the size of the prefetch data in a network message is controlled by the number of records (16).