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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : After-imaging : AI File Management utility : Archived extents
Archived extents
Extents archived automatically by the AI File Management utility daemon are assigned an unique file name by the archive process. The archived file name is comprised of a combination of file names and sequence numbers that identify the source of the archive file and the state of the source database at the time of the archive. The elements are:
*The full file specification of the source database, with a "~" replacing the directory separator
*In Windows, the colon (:) following a drive letter is replaced by an exclamation point (!)
*The AI Sequence number or file number
*The name of the AI extent
The elements are concatenated into a file name as shown:
For example, if the name of your archive file is usr1~dbs~sales.03.sales.a3, you can reconstruct the following information:
*The source database is /usr1/dbs/sales.db
*The AI sequence number is 03
*The extent name is sales.a3