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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : After-imaging : AI File Management utility : Archive log file
Archive log file
The AI File Management utility creates a log based on various activities that occur while the database is enabled for AI File Management. The archival log file is written to the same directory as your database .db file, and is named, database-name.archival.log. The log file is created the first time information is written to it. The information stored in the archive log file provides details of when the AI file management utility was started, database backups, and extent archiving activity that you can use to develop either an automated or manual recovery of a database. This file is maintained by the OpenEdge RDBMS; it can be read, but must not be altered.
The archival log is a text file, organized into logical records that are separated by platform dependent end-of-line characters. The records have the following characteristics:
*Each line in the file is a record.
*Records that begin with a "#" are comments, and are purely informational.
*Records contains multiple fields that are separated by commas.
*The first field of each record is the record type.
*The organization of a records may change from one OpenEdge release to another.
*New records types may be added in future OpenEdge releases.
*The Version Indicator Record (record 0255) indicates the version of the records that follow. The version number in the Version Indicator Record is updated if there is a change in the format of any existing archival log record or a new archival log record type is added,
The table below describes the record types supported in the archival log file.
Table 28. Archival log record types
Record type value
Version indicator — This record indicates the version of archival log records that follow.
Automatic after-image file archive — This record describes the archival of an after-image extent by the AI File Management utility.
Manual after-image file archive — This record describes the manual archival of an after image file by the RFUTIL AIARCHIVE EXTENT command.
Manual after-image file archive to the NULL device — This record describes the manual archival of an after image file by the RFUTIL AIARCHIVE EXTENT command to the NULL device.
Full backup — This record describes a FULL online or offline backup.
Incremental backup — This record describes an INCREMENTAL backup.
Each time the AI File Management daemon is started, a header line is written to the archive to record the date, time, using the following format:
# After-image Extent Manager started on : Tuesday October 11, 2005 at 10:02:25
* Version indicator record
* Archive record
* Backup record