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Web Services Developer's Guide
OpenEdge Business Process Server overview : Business Process Server components

Business Process Server components

Business Process Server is a suite of integrated components that enables you to easily build intranet, extranet, and Internet applications and manage your e-business. Business Process Server consists of the following components as in Figure 2:
Figure 2. Business Process Server components
Table 2. Business Process Server components
Business Process Portal Home
The Home module of Business Process Portal is the primary interface for application users, enabling them to interact with Business Process Server applications. Users can complete entries to various tasks and applications, and link to the support infrastructure required to complete these tasks.
Business Process Portal Management
The Management module enables managers to query, report on, and control processes and resources, visible only to the managers.
Business Process Portal Administration
The Administration module enables Business Process Server Administrators to modify configuration parameters, manage user or group access control, and install or uninstall Business Process Server applications.
Web services
This component allows application developers to: publish their applications as Web services, and find and convert other available Web services on the Internet into Business Process Server applications.
BPM Webflow
This component provides a framework for developing and implementing Web-enabled workflow applications.
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
This is the primary application development tool for Business Process Server, which provides an Eclipse-based integrated development environment in which users can create BPM projects, processes, Web applications, and rule files.
Business Process Modeler
This tool is used to design templates for basic business processes, and to run simulations of processes and individual worksteps.
BP Server
This is a flexible, lightweight, scalable workflow process engine for intranets, extranets, and the Internet.
BPM Events
This open, event-driven rule engine is used to formulate and enforce policies in business applications.