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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Introducing Path Analysis : Using the Path Analysis view

Using the Path Analysis view

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides the Path Analysis functionality in the Path Analysis view, which enables you to analyze the timing of process execution.
Path Analysis provides the following functionalities:
*Ability to drill down through a specific path and estimate the time required for the process execution to reach a particular point in the process.
*Displays workstep attributes including duration, priority, and performer.
*Provides process timeline information with:
*Graphical display of workstep duration.
*Grid and markers for duration units including days, weeks, and months.
*Alternate coloring between weeks, to identify week boundaries.
*Displays all process paths from Start to End workstep using nested paths.
*Displays the estimated start time for each workstep, which is calculated by adding the sum of duration of all previous worksteps in that path.
Figure 9 shows a sample approval process that requires the reviewer to decide if the request meets specific critical criteria. If the performer of the ReviewRequest workstep decides it is non-critical, it is sent by e-mail to a group at a remote location for submission.
Figure 9. A Sample Approval Process Template
The Review Request workstep assigned to any member from MgrGroup has an assigned work time of two hours; and the Submit Request workstep assigned to any member from the ebmsgroup has a work time of 50 minutes.
If any member from the MgrGroup decides the request is critical, it is sent to the Exec Approve workstep (with assigned work time of 50 minutes), in which a senior executive (performer, "exec") then approves or rejects it. The approved requests are sent to the Submit Request2 workstep (work time of 50 minutes). Any member of the MgrGroup can view the request status in the Request Status workstep (with default duration of 2 hours). Each of the Adapter worksteps has an estimated duration of 10 minutes. The entire process has an estimated duration of 6 hours.