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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Setting workstep properties : Defining properties of Start workstep : Using the Messaging tab of Start workstep properties

Using the Messaging tab of Start workstep properties

For Business Processes, you can use the Messaging tab to select a message received when the Start workstep is activated, which starts a new process instance. Start worksteps in Web applications do not have the Messaging tab.
To assign a message to a Start workstep:
1. From the Messaging tab, expand General, then click in the Value column in the Enabled row, to enable a drop-down list.
2. Select True from the drop-down list enabled, to display a Message row.
3. Click in the Value column of the Message row, to open a drop-down list which displays a list of previously defined Messages. Select a message from the list, to view Header, Payload, and other available message components.
4. Click in the Value column for each of the Header and Payload rows to view a list of available dataslots. Select a dataslot to associate the Header or Payload item with a dataslot value.
After you have assigned a message, a Message icon () is shown within the Start workstep, indicating that it can receive a message that, for example, can start a process instance. For more information about defining or editing messages, see Using the Message Manager.