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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Defining process properties : Setting preferences : Using the Diagram page

Using the Diagram page

You can use the Diagram page to configure the following default properties of the Diagram tab in the BPM Designer interface.
Table 30. Diagram Page Settings
Default Size
To set the configuration parameters for width and height of the diagram page. Values range from a 1 to 10.
Show pages
Select this display the page boundary, as it appears on your default printer. Use this feature to create appropriate page breaks in a lengthy process template diagram.
Show grid
Select this to view the process template diagram with a grid. The grid is always active, whether visible or not. In the Grid size box, set the space between the grid points. Although grid size ranges from 1 - 50, use values that are multiples of 4. By default, grid size is set to 12.
Note: Due to Java limitations, a process template diagram may not display correctly if you select a grid size of 10 or less.
Fill shapes
Select this to view a solid fill for diagram components. Clear this option to display transparent components. You can also view a gradient fill for diagram components by selecting the Gradient fill option.
Snap to Grid
Select this to align a new component to the grid.
Snap to shapes
Select this to align each new workstep with the center of neighboring components. If you want to move a shape when the Snap to shapes feature is activated, select the workstep and use the arrow keys to move the workstep.
Auto Layout
Select the quality of the auto layout functionality in the Overview page (see Performing other operations). Options are low (fast), normal, and high (slow). Clear the Run auto layout after using Tabular View checkbox to disable the auto layout functionality.
Allows you to enable or disable the Gestures functionality, described in Managing gestures. For details regarding this operation, see Saving custom gestures.