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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Defining process properties : Setting preferences

Setting preferences

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (Developer Studio) provides the Preferences dialog box, a Configuration interface that enables you to easily modify the more commonly used configuration parameters. Once you have defined these configuration parameters in the Preferences dialog box, they are automatically set for each new project.
To set your preferences in Developer Studio:
1. From the main menu bar, click Window > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog box.
2. Expand Progress OpenEdge > BPM in the left pane, the following options are displayed:
*Activity: to set the default properties for an Activity workstep, as discussed in Using the Activity page.
*Application: to set the default properties and attributes for a process, as discussed in Using the Application page.
*Diagram: to set the default size of the Diagram view, as well as appearance and other settings as discussed in, Using the Diagram page.
*Export: to configure the display settings of a process template diagram, when exported in JPG format as discussed in Using the Export page
*Publish: to define the configuration for the target Business Process Server, as discussed in Using the Publish page.
*Simulation: to set the default simulation-related properties in Simulation perspective, as discussed in Using the Simulation page.
3. After defining the above preferences, click OK to close the Preferences dialog box.
Note: To apply the changes made in each page, click Apply. Click Restore Defaults if you want to restore the values of all options in the page to the default values.
* Using the Activity page
* Using the Application page
* Using the Diagram page
* Using the Export page
* Using the Publish page
* Using the Simulation page