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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Designing a process template diagram : Connecting worksteps : Using multiple connectors

Using multiple connectors

You can use multiple incoming and outgoing connectors for a workstep without using an intermediary Or-Join, AND, or Decision. In addition, BPM Designer supports multiple outgoing connectors for Start worksteps; and multiple incoming connectors for Decisions and End worksteps.
The following restrictions apply to workstep connections:
*You cannot have more than one connector of the same type with the same source and target worksteps.
*A connector cannot originate from and terminate at the same workstep.
*The Or-Join and XOR-Join gateways can have only one outgoing connector. When an AND gateway has multiple incoming connectors, it acts as an And-Join and can have only one outgoing connector.
Note: Even though you can now design a business process without using the Or-Join or Decision gateways, these worksteps are still available for users who want to add them to processes to clarify or highlight areas of the process’s workflow.
* Using multiple incoming connectors to worksteps
* Using multiple outgoing connectors from worksteps
* Using multiple incoming/outgoing connectors with gateways
* Defining Loops in the workflow