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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Managing gestures : Using mouse gestures

Using mouse gestures

You can view the set of predefined mouse gestures in the Default Gestures dialog box.
1. Create or open the process template diagram (SPT or SWT) where you want to use mouse gestures.
2. Click the Show Gestures () icon from the palette, to open the Default Gestures dialog box which displays the mouse gestures predefined for a Business Process.
Note: Web applications support fewer shapes and layout gestures.
3. Point to each of the shapes, layouts, and actions to view the gesture details in the Gesture Details section. The red dot indicates the starting point of the gesture.
4. Click OK to close the Default Gestures dialog box.
To use any gesture in your Content pane, drag the right mouse button in the required direction. To connect shapes using gestures, press CTRL key and then drag the right mouse button between shapes to connect them.
Note: By default, you can use gestures to connect shapes with the normal flow connector. To connect shapes using the other connector types, select the other connector types (see Connecting worksteps) before using gestures to connect shapes.