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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Getting started with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Exploring Progress OpenEdge BPM Designer : Using the menubar : Using Eclipse menu commands
Using Eclipse menu commands
Eclipse menu commands that are frequently used in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge are shown in Table 8. Other menu items in this Eclipse-based environment operate in the standard Eclipse manner, and are not covered in this document. Refer to the Eclipse tutorials or Help topics provided in the Help menu in the Toolbar, or documentation available at the Eclipse Web site ( for more details on their usage.
Table 8. Eclipse Menu Commands Used in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
Icon and Menu Command
File > New > Project
Opens the New Project dialog box. Expand the BPM node and click the appropriate options for BPM Project, Business Process, or BPM Simulation Project.
File > Open File
Opens the Open File dialog box, where you can select the process or project file you want to open.
File > Save
Saves the changes made to the active project and files since the last Save. Click File > Save All to save changes made on all open projects.
File > Print
Opens the Print dialog box, enabling you to print the process template and define its printing properties.
Build All
Project > Build All
Runs an incremental build on all projects in the Eclipse workspace, modifying only those resources that have been changed since the last build.
Build Project
Project > Build Project
Builds the currently selected project. This is an incremental build, meaning that the builder analyzes the changes since the last build and minimizes the number of changed files.
Open Perspective
Window > Open Perspective
Opens a new perspective in Eclipse.