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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Introducing monitoring process : Designing a monitoring process : Configuring monitoring workstep : Using a Subprocess
Using a Subprocess
In some cases, you may need to use multiple EIIDs in the same monitoring process. For example, an “Order” process requires a unique Order ID during ordering, as well as Shipment ID during product shipment.
You can handle this requirement by using a subprocess. In the above example, the subprocess can handle the shipment process. For more information regarding subprocesses, see Defining a subprocess as a performer.
Note: You cannot use an inline subprocess to handle this requirement.
As the subprocess is an independent process model, it can have its own EIID (for instance, ShipmentID), which can be mapped to a dataslot from the parent process. If required, the parent process can pass on its EIID (example, OrderID) to the subprocess at the time of its creation.
Important: Ensure that the value of the dataslot in the parent process, mapped to the EIID of the subprocess, is not null (or empty); otherwise the subprocess instance will be suspended.