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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Using Managed Adapter Browser : Using the Managed Adapter Browser : Preconfiguring managed adapters

Preconfiguring managed adapters

You can use the Managed Adapter Browser to preconfigure managed adapters. For instance, you can preconfigure information regarding the mail server in the Email adapter. Although you can enter this information every time you use the Email adapter in any of your business processes, it may be more convenient to preconfigure the adapter. By preconfiguring a managed adapter, you do not need to enter the same information every time.
To preconfigure a managed adapter:
1. Select the adapter (generic or user-defined) to be configured. In this case, select the Email adapter.
2. Click the Configure () icon to display the Email Adapter Configurator dialog box.
3. Enter the preconfiguring information in any of the displayed tabs, according to your requirement. In this case, click the Configuration tab to enter the mail server information.
4. Set the Mail Host parameter to the name of your SMTP server. If your environment requires some special settings, you may enter them in the Extra Properties text area.
5. If your e-mail (SMTP) server requires authentication, enter a user name and password in the appropriate fields.
Note: In most cases, you may only need to modify the Mail Host parameter to the name of your SMTP server. For more information, see the full list of SMTP server properties found at Sun’s javax.mail documentation at the URL address:
6. After entered your preconfiguring information, click OK to close the Adapter Configurator.
From now on, the configuration you set will be preset by default every time you use the Email Adapter in a business process.