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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Using dataslots : Creating user-defined dataslots : Defining the dataslot format : Format types for CHARACTER or LONGCHAR dataslot
Format types for CHARACTER or LONGCHAR dataslot
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge enables you to display a dataslot as a Text Field (single line of text), a Text Area (multiple lines of text), or a Combo. In the case of Web applications, the dataslot has three additional formats, namely, Radio button, Checkbox, and Label (read-only text). Each of these formats are described in the following bulleted list.
*Text Field format - Select this format and then do the following:
1. Enter data in the Size and Length box (only for Web applications) to define the dimensions of the dataslot as it appears on the interface.
2. Select the Password checkbox to present text entered in this field as asterisks, same as the way passwords are commonly displayed.
*Text Area format - Select this format and then enter the width and height of the text area in the respective fields.
*Combo box format - Select this format and then do the following:
1. To add a new choice for the combo box, click New, to open the Choice dialog box.
2. Enter a Value and a Label in the Choice dialog box. A choice can only include alphanumeric characters and underscores (_).
3. Click OK to add the choice you created to the Choices area.
To modify an entry, select the choice in the Choices section and click Modify. To remove a choice, select the choice and click Remove. To change the order of choice entries, select the choice and click Move Up or Move Down.
*Radio button and Checkbox formats (only for Web applications) - The procedure for defining the options for these controls are same as those for a Combo box.
*Label format (only for Web application) - You can enter only one label for the dataslot.
Changing the presentation format at the workstep level does not affect the presentation at the process level. When the same dataslot, occurs in the Summary activity workstep, it is not editable. With this feature, you can change the presentation of a selected dataslot for each Activity workstep.