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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Configuring and running simulation : Configuring a simulation scenario : Configuring simulation parameters for a process : For connectors
For connectors
You can use workstep connectors to configure a delay between the connecting worksteps. This introduces a time delay between workstep instance creation during the simulation run. This configuration is applied to the selected scenario only.
To configure a connector delay:
1. From the Scenarios drop-down list in the Scenarios section (in the Simulation Control Editor), select the scenario to be configured.
2. Expand the Processes folder, then expand the process (for instance, Process1). Expand the Connectors folder to display the list of workstep connectors.
3. Click the connector to display the connector properties in the Properties view. In the Properties view, the General tab displays connector details including name, label, type (default or conditional) as well as the names of the connecting worksteps. You cannot modify any information in this tab.
4. Use the Delay tab to configure the connector delay.
*From the Delay Distribution section, choose a method of randomizing the duration of delay between workstep instances in the simulation. For information regarding randomizing methods, see Choosing a randomization method.