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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Using dataslots : Creating user-defined dataslots : Dataslot properties : For a Table dataslot
For a Table dataslot
You can configure the properties of a Table dataslot in the following sections of the Dataslots tab:
Table 41. Table dataslot properties
To modify the ID, type, and tags of the dataslot (defined in Creating user-defined dataslots). You cannot modify the dataslot ID if the dataslot is assigned to any workstep in the process.
To specify the dataslot description, as discussed in Defining the dataslot description.
Specifies the Table definition for the dataslot. By default it is empty. You can set the Table definition from the storage tab. To set the Table definition, on the storage Tab, click Browse and select the Table and select the Table definition from the Temp-Table tab and click OK.
Note: If you are unable to find the file in the Workspace Resources section of the Temp-Table, select File System from the drop-down.
(Not available for Web applications) Specifies the access properties for the dataslot. For more information, see Setting the dataslot access.
If you have assigned the dataslot to a workstep, this section specifies how the dataslot is used in the process. For example, "Input for Activity 1" indicates that this dataslot is an input (or non-editable) dataslot for this workstep. For information on how to assign dataslots to individual worksteps in a process, see Setting workstep properties.