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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Using dataslots : Creating user-defined dataslots : Dataslot properties : For a Document dataslot
For a Document dataslot
You can configure the properties of a Document dataslot in the respective sections (same sections as that for String dataslot) of the Dataslots tab.
The only difference is in the Value section, where you can specify one of the following values:
*Select the Single Document option to attach a single document to the dataslot. Click Browse to select the file you want to attach.
*Select the Document Bundle option to attach multiple documents to the dataslot. Select the Editable by author only checkbox (available only for process models) to enable only the user who receives the documents to update and reattach the documents; other users cannot view these changes.
Note: You can only attach documents stored in the <project_name>\docs folder.
When the process is instantiated, the specified document is located and copied as the initial value of the Document dataslot, and the value of the Document dataslot is set to the specified document file.
Note: Each document associated with a Document dataslot in a process must have a unique name. For more information on Document dataslots, see the Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio manual in the OpenEdge documentation set.