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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Defining and assigning performers : Reviewing the Performers tab : Default performers

Default performers

In addition to the Performers tab, you can view existing performers by clicking the Assign Participants link in the Tasks pane.
Expand each Performer type to see the available performers for that type. BPM Designer provides the following default performers:
1. For Business Processes, expand the Users folder to display two subfolders, namely:
*Process, which stores user-type performers defined for the process template. This includes a default user named “Creator.” Creator is a dynamic dataslot value. In this case, “Creator” is the performer whose name is entered in the Creator dataslot of the process instance, and this value can change from instance to instance and can reflect changes made at runtime.
*Organization, which contains users defined using the User Management tool (see Working with User Management tool) under three sub-categories namely, Users, Groups, and Queues.
2. Managed adapters enable you to define configuration and mapping between dataslots in a process template and inputs/outputs from a group of out-of -the-box adapters at process design time. These predefined managed adapters provide examples of specialized adapters that are commonly used in managing business processes. For more information, see Using managed adapters.