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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Defining and assigning performers : Defining performers : Defining an adapter as a performer : Using managed adapters
Using managed adapters
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides managed adapters that enable you to define configuration and mapping between dataslots in a BPM Project and inputs/outputs from a group of out-of -the-box adapters at process design time. Managed adapters are compatible with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge’s adapter configuration and mapping framework.
Note: You must add and configure the managed adapters before using them in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. For more information on Adapter Configuration and Mapping Framework and on the managed adapters provided in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, see relevant chapters in Managed Adapters Guide.
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides the following “out-of-the-box” managed adapters for BPM Projects:
*Corticon Adapter: Allows you to invoke business rules, written in Corticon Studio and deployed on Corticon server, using a business process.
*DB Adapter: Provides connections to one or more specified databases, and enables you to quickly access SQL statements and parameters.
*Email Adapter: Enables Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge to generate and send e-mail messages.
*File Adapter: Reads from and writes to a variety of file formats.
*FTP Adapter: Enables you to transfer files from and to your local file system, or an FTP server.
*JMS Adapter: Enables you to use Java Message Service (JMS) to communicate asynchronously with external systems and facilitates data exchange between Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge processes and external applications.
*OpenEdge Adapter: Enables you to integrate Business Process Server applications with Progress® OpenEdge® solutions.
*SharePoint Adapter: Enables you to drive BPM processes around documents that are added or modified in SharePoint.
*Sonic ESB Adapter: Enables you to interact with Sonic ESB to invoke a Sonic ESB process or service or send a message to a Sonic ESB endpoint.
*Web Service Adapter: Provides a connection to a specified Web Service, and enables the you to map Web service methods to a dataslot in a process. This adapter provides support for both RPC and Document-style Web services.
To specify a managed adapter as the performer of a workstep:
1. Click the Assign Participants link in the Tasks pane. The Assign Participants section appears.
2. Expand the Adapters > Managed folder in the Assign Participants section to display the managed adapters folders available by default.
3. Expand the respective managed adapter folder, then drag the adapter on an existing workstep (or a blank area of the Content pane) to add the adapter workstep.
The managed adapter is now assigned as a performer of an Adapter workstep.
Note: Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge also provides the Managed Adapter Browser tool using which you can perform various operations on managed adapters. For details, see Using Managed Adapter Browser.